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Average hourly salary at h&w technology service limited can vary greatly depending on job role, responsibilities, skills, experience, or education. This estimate is based on 10 anonymous reviews from current and former employees.

H&W Technology Service Limited takes pride in its commitment to protecting client information. It is used only for the legitimate conduct of business and to deliver products and services that demonstrate our understanding of clients’ needs.

Company Profile

H&W Technology Service creates affordable software applications that enhance the business operations of corporations around the world. It bridges the gap between business requirements and the capabilities of distributed and mainframe computer software, while fostering a culture of customer satisfaction with a team of industry leading technical professionals.

The average hourly salary for a job at H&W may vary greatly depending on location, title, responsibilities, and skillset. Use this tool to compare the pay of H&W with other companies in the same industry and geographic area.

As a company that relies heavily on information about clients, H&W Technology Service has very high standards for the proper use and protection of that data. At the same time, we understand that our clients have important expectations regarding how their information is used. This policy describes how we will comply with those expectations. H&W Technology Service reserves the right to change this policy from time to time. Any such changes will be posted on this page.

Products & Services

H&W’s team is driven by pride in quality, a strong work ethic and a sense of family. The company develops trading platforms, CRM systems and digital marketing solutions for forward-thinking financial institutions and other businesses worldwide.

The group specialises in bridging the gap between business needs and capabilities of distributed and mainframe computer software. It creates affordable and integrated software applications that meet specific IT department requirements.

The group’s research laboratory focuses upon methods to enable efficient data communications upon technologies such as Tetra that have restrictive bandwidth allocations. This is especially crucial to remote surveillance and real time multimedia communications. H&W Technology Service Limited (“H&W”) values the privacy of its clients and recognizes that they have important expectations about how their personal information is used. Accordingly, the Group is committed to ensuring that any information collected about them is used in accordance with this Policy and relevant law. To do so, the Group has set high standards for protecting information about its clients.

Company History

H&W develops software applications that bridge the gap between business requirements and the capabilities of distributed and mainframe computer systems. With decades of experience, the company creates cost-effective solutions to improve operations for large and small organizations around the world.

H & W Technology Service Limited (H&W Technology Service) recognizes that it has an obligation to protect information about its clients. H&W Technology Service has established high standards for the use of personal data about its clients and for its proper disposal.

Company average hourly rates may differ based on job titles, locations, responsibilities, and skills. Click the company name to explore hourly pay ranges for other jobs within that same title and location. Company salaries can give you insight into what it takes to get a job at H&W Technology Service. Company reviews can also help you determine if H&W is right for you. H & W Technologies is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applicants will be subject to criminal background checks.

Company Information

H&W Technology Service is dedicated to providing its clients with convenient access to the products and services they need. As part of that commitment, H&W Technology Service collects information about its clients. Some of that information is personal data within the meaning of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.

H&W is committed to protecting the privacy of its clients. H&W will not rent or sell personal information about its clients to third parties without their consent. H&W will use personal information only for the purpose of providing its clients with products and services, or for other purposes permitted by the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.

The average hourly rate for this company is $42. Please note that the salary range may differ based on your location and job title, as well as individual responsibilities and skills. Click the company name to see more information on average salaries for this title in your area. You can also compare salaries with other companies in the same industry by selecting them from the list.

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